FFGL: Changing the parameters / pop-up window

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FFGL: Changing the parameters / pop-up window

Post by RyTek »

I find that it's not possible to modify the parameters after initialization. For example the "options"-field elements. This makes it impossible to create drop-down dialogs with dynamic options.

As an alternative I researched creating a popup window with ImGui. That window would then let the user choose between values (string enum). This approach feels like shooting a fly with a bazooka. Also I don't have the skills for integrating ImGui in the plugin. If you have a way for integrating some UI library in a ffgl-plugin, I'm interested.

Does anyone have a workaround changing the plugin parameters, or for letting user input data in some other user-friendly way?

I don't want to have the user to modify a text file, or to write strings in text-input elements. These are way more confusing and error prone when compared to drop-down dialog with a couple of options.

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Re: FFGL: Changing the parameters / pop-up window

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