Record your shows?

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Record your shows?

Post by yugpmoc »

Do you record your show? How? Hardware device, another PC running capture? SD, HD?
I just went shopping for a nice media player / recorder with a SSD... And I can't find one.

What's everyone else out there using?


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Re: Record your shows?

Post by LXConcepts »

resolume can record it's own output...

preferences -> general -> record video (or audio)
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Re: Record your shows?

Post by HerrNieDa »

the problem is that this function
- doesn't has a fixed framerade
- won't record very long.... especially not a whole show ;)

best way is to record with a video-recording device or an extra computer with video-grabber.

maybe tools like fraps (screen capture software) work also, but i don't think they can record the second output screen for example.... there are problems for sure ;)
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Re: Record your shows?

Post by drazkers »

Output via HDMI into a splitter and loop it back into a capture card onto another box. Blackmagic intensity pro works great. If you have a dedicated recording drive you can do it on the same system.

Fraps works on a second screen, I've used it to record content created in resolume that may be too stressful for a weaker system.

You can also use sypthon recorder on mac, I used that to get quartz composer content onto pc boxes.

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