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Post by Jesse_ »

I used Resolume at a show awhile back and while I was impressed I found that Clip navigating needs ALOT of work.

I don't know if you have used Motion Drive in the past but I have to say I think they're clip navigation system is the best out there. I don't mind having to have banks, but the fact is I can't scroll through all my banks of clips without overwritting the current bank and interuppting playing clips. If you have a bank loaded with clips playing and you replace it, the clips stop playing once they've finished that loop. That's a bug and needs to be looked into.

Besides that, I'm very happy. If you can let me know the status of that issue, I will try it out again at my next show.

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Post by edwin »

indeed that's a bug... and we are looking for a sollution for this... but especially the technical part behind it is a bit tricky... we also want it to be easier to switch decks..

so yes we are gonna look into this... but this bug will be fixed in a later version of Resolume 1.1.
we are working on a few bugs and some improvements... if we have succeeded in killing the vermon we will release a revision of Resolume wich will be freely downloadable from our website...


Post by Jesse_ »

It pretty much renders my use of Resolume at a live gig useless... and until a system of clip navigation and use is developed, I can't put any money into the program.

Hopefully it will be fixed soon because I'm excited to be using resolume at gigs...

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