DVD and Resolume

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DVD and Resolume

Post by Teriander »

My laptop has a DVD player and Resolume, is there a way I can mix the DVD in my DVD player with Resolume? If not, how do I extract content from a DVD so I can play it in Resolume?

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Post by gpvillamil »

To extract content from a DVD, do this:

1) Use DVD Decrypter (google for it) to copy all the DVD files to your HD
2) Use VirtualDubMod (it's on sf.net) to open the .VOB files resulting, find the bits you want. You can use Home and End keys to set start and end of a selection. You will need to apply a resize filter to compensate for DVD non-square pixels.
3) Save As using Full Processing Mode, configure the codec appropriately to be Cinepak, Indeo, MJPEG etc.


Post by Anonymous »

skip dvd decrypter !
use dvdshrink and let it save to a folder on your harddisk
virtualdub mpeg2 can open those .vob files by dragging them into virtualdub
select a compression(codec) like cinepak or indeo and save as avi.
don't forget to remove the sound (select no sound)

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Post by Sense »

And add de-interlace and resize (400x300) in virtualdub mpeg2! Codecs have lot of trouble with interlaced material, and results will be poor.

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Post by VJ555 »

i use '1clickdvdripper" into an avi, then use vegas to capture loops, dead easy!

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Re: DVD and Resolume

Post by unklefesta »

great info!


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