Fullscreen on a single screen machine?

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Fullscreen on a single screen machine?

Post by gpvillamil »

Would it be possible to run Resolume full screen on a machine with only one screen? If so, how to switch between the interface and fullscreen view?

Can this be done without losing the state of layers & effects?

Ideally I want to set up some layers & effects, then switch to full screen.

It is for an installation that applies effects to a live camera feed.

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i think u can

Post by SuperficiaL »


i think its possible the following way:

in res 1.X there was a shortcut key that switches the 2 screens (output <--> main). maybe its still in there.. something with alt-shift 1 or something...
if u set the things up and switch screens the output will be on the primary window...

Good luck

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