Resolume License Question

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Resolume License Question

Post by Wasko »

When Resolume 6 was released I had upgraded my license to it, previous to this I had purchased R5.

Does this mean I still have an active Resolume 5 license that is different from my R6 license?

I ask this because I am working on a fixed installation at a club where the client does not need all the functionality of Resolume 6. I would sell them my Resolume 5 license at a discounted rate if this is possible.


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Re: Resolume License Question

Post by Zoltán »

Yes, you still have your Resolume 5 license after the upgrade, it works as it did before the upgrade.

If you sell the license make sure to let the buyer know, that the license has been already upgraded, as a license can be upgraded only once.
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