Playing 3:4 content on 16:9 screen

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Playing 3:4 content on 16:9 screen

Post by p8guitar »

I have 3:4 clips playing, the composition size is set to 1024x768. When I play this on a 1920x1080 monitor, the content gets stretched, so that it fills the whole screen. This is ok, but I wonder if there is an option for the output of the composition to fill, fit or stretch the content, like the options that can be found in the layer properties?

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Re: Playing 3:4 content on 16:9 screen

Post by He2neg »

There are multiple ways to reach what you want....

When you are sure you only have 4/3 Content and your Comp should stay 4/3 1024x768 as well then i would sugest you take a look at the advanced output and stretch your slice (Output) there as you like it to be.

A solution with more possibilities for quick acces would be to set your comp to 16/9 (1280x720 i.e.) and place your Content in that comp... Now you can use the Layer or Clip options to stretch/fill/fit your content like you wish...
With this Solution you can setup every Clip differnt if they look better with differnt settings...
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