Wireless Presenter

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Wireless Presenter

Post by Mesec »

So, this is kinda off topic here, but this seems like the crowd that could help.. Looking for a proper wireless presenter for PPTs and Keynotes, something like the Logitech Spotlight Remote, but better. As few buttons as possible. Greater range / distance...


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Re: Wireless Presenter

Post by chq »


Interspace Industries,
Micro Cue,
Perfect Cue.

Greetz Chris

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Re: Wireless Presenter

Post by Jgrover »

+1 for the DSAN micro cue we got one last year and it has greatly reduced my stress level.

I can use it from 200’ away through walls with people in the way.

At around $450, it is expensive, but as far as I know, there is nothing cheaper that will do what it does.

Another great thing about it is that there are green and red cue lights on the receiver that indicate what buttons are being pushed on the transmitter...

That means that even if the moron *ahem* person on stage did not set the correct animation actions in PowerPoint for their embedded media, you can manually trigger the media for them.

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Re: Wireless Presenter

Post by cosmowe »

+1 for Dsan - Perfect Cue

This system is rock solid! I use it on almost every job where Powerpoint / PDF Docs / Keynotes ect. needs to be "clicked" from stage.
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