Record external fft audio

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Record external fft audio

Post by FractalMan »

Can you record the live audio that's run thru Resolume? My video clip's filters are being affected by external fft audio (streaming). I want to record to a movie audio and video that's been affected by the music, but when I do, the output movie IS affected correctly but there's no sound. The rendered WAV file also has no sound.

I'm new so it's just a concept I'm trying to figure out. How do you get the final video synced up with the audio? I saw something about it needed to be within Resolume internally, but how then do I record streaming or live audio that's driving visuals? Specifically, I want to make a music video from streaming music.

Think visualizer that's also recording the audio.

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Re: Record external fft audio

Post by Arvol »

You can bring in the audio source into a clip (has to be a wav file) and then set your parameters animations to composition fft. then when you record, it should show up.

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Re: Record external fft audio (concept)

Post by Zoltán »

Resolume can't record external audio currently.
I'd recommend an external capture solution, like a capture card, or software like OBS (via Syphon or Spout), where you can combine the output from Resolume with the audio.
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