full dome master preparation

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full dome master preparation

Post by noBIGego »

Hello - I plan to VJ in a planetarium in a few months and will have to create a full dome master (fish eye)

At this initial point of the project I am testing the workflow for the project.

When working with 2d 4k clips (not 360 equirectangular) I follow this process in After Effects (vr convertor - input equirectangular and output fisheye (full dome).

This does not seem to work with a 4k file but seems to work fine when using a 1080p video file.

any feedback is appreciated,


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Re: full dome master preparation

Post by mowgli »

I suggest you use the plugins here: http://fulldomevjs.com/fdvj/ and avoid AE altogether. There's no reason to prerender when you're using a live real-time video app. This will allow you to tweak as much as you like without the long render times plus it will open up limitless possibilities.
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