Help finding specific bit of footage

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Help finding specific bit of footage

Post by tawm »

I thought I would be able to let this go, but I have now been searching on and off for a few days and can't seem to find this footage.

It's the clip(s) feature here:

I could maybe assume he's using some custom content but in a similar video he is clearly using either Enter5 or NeoGlitch featured on the Resolume store so I am super hopefully that this awesome triangle heavy loop is out there somewhere! I'm not sure but I think there are maybe 2-3 clips being used in the 7 second video, though I'm hoping they are all from the same pack.

Thanks in advance and a special thanks to Arvol for the potential leads in slack!

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Re: Help finding specific bit of footage

Post by Zoltán »

Could be just a triangle, rotated with some cloner effects, and glitch.
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