VJ : Video jockey or Visual jockey?

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VJ : Video jockey or Visual jockey?

Post by erland »

i'm confuse..
i want to named my self as a man who play a visualization..
what should i called my self??

VJ : Video Jockey?
VJ : Visual Jockey?

Video : is a moving frames.
Visual : everything, including pictures..
So, in this case, picture is not a moving frame.. a visualization contains all about films (still frame and moving frames).. but in the end, a moving frames is made by still frames...hehe

Get my point of view?

My opinion is.. we should call ourselves :
VsJ : Visual Jockey... shouldn't?
In Resolume we play not only video.. but also picture and flash files..

Still Complicated somehow...

Met Resolume in a bar the other day
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Post by olim »

I prefer Video Jammer! :cool:


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Post by Basic »

video artist. sounds a bit better for me and i think people understand it a bit better also. :D

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Post by bart »

Because the term VJ has always been confused with MTV VJs people have always been searching for a different & better name but VJ (for Video Jockey) is still the most used. CDM is trying to push the name Visualist but i find that very hard to pronounce more then 5 times ;-)

http://createdigitalmotion.com/2007/01/ ... isualists/

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