Need AVI to MPEG Converter

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Need AVI to MPEG Converter

Post by lisarusitn »

I am looking for an AVI to MPEG Converter that is user friendly, quick and produces good quality output files. Please let me know if you know of one whether it be free of cost or paid! If it is good I will buy it.
Thanks in advance!

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Post by ROdrigueZ »

there is one called SUPER .. not too complicated , very complete, produces quality conversions in almost every.

I can send it to you if you want it. just message me..

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Post by life.hell87 »

I am using a converter called ... -mpeg.html It has the ability to convert both video and audio streams of AVI video files into MPEG and other various video formats. It supports the comprehensive video formats including and transforms video images by applying different effects and transitions. Movavi VideoSuite also provides the variable expert options to the user for controlling the specification and quality of outputting. An easy-to-use interface allows you to enjoy working with video files without frequently consulting reference materials. Hope this will help you. Good luck!

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Post by Rene »


I'm using MediaCoder ( - awesome piece of software. :)

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Re: Need AVI to MPEG Converter

Post by rxfromparis »

Mediacodeur does not seems to work with win Seven :((

my mistake, it does :))
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