very slow on inspiron 8200 w/ 64mb geforce 4

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Post by bart »

yes the overlaymodes are midi triggerable with 1.1 ... we do have one option to debug a little because someone found out that an old beta version of resolume on his computer did work with usb where 1.0 did,t ...


Post by skydancer_ »

8200 owner here as well... release the 1.1 version soon, we want to give you money! :P


Post by Fury_ »

I am thinking of buying the 8200 with Geforce4Go card...

Is that geforce card dual head? Please let me know if you get the software working on your machine, I am really tired of lugging my huge pc everywhere I go ;)


Post by waxhopper_ »

it's as dual head as anything in your desktop. and yeah, resolume works too, but the second monitor output is 1.0 slow and my usb midi isn't recognized. many fingers are crossed that 1.1 will be our saviour. but much like the Second Coming, it seems it'll never arrive. (j/k bart and eddie) ;)


Post by waxhopper_ »

eh... just realized i screwed up my usb midi drivers, and now in fact the usb midi does work on my inspiron 8200

sorry if this in any way delayed the 1.1 release... if so, bring on the rotten veggies

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