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hey forum, I'm incredibly new in vjing, and i'd like to ask for your advices in a few things. I have a Resolume 4.1.1 arena trial, and as many of the new vjs, i use (.avi) movie scenes as footage. Is there a video format, what resolume prefers more? I've downloaded the DXV codec, but premier pro 5 does not recognises it (or at least not in avi). Pearhaps in h264 it'd be better? I've heard that resolume was designed to be uesd on mac OS. I've got an asus media orientated laptop (intel core i7 - 2670QM 2.2 GHz processor, 4gb ram, nvidia geforce 610M 2gb video card), i don't know which resolution would be optimal. also, i notice, that when i connect my laptop to another screen or i just try to record with resolume, the frame rate drops down to 7.8 - 9. I've tried to set the other screen as main, swithced off the v sync, but its still around 15. have help?

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Re: N00b

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DXV is a quicktime codec. Not AVI. ; )

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Re: N00b

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premiere wont recognize dvx codec until you install quicktime, and not the nice alternative version, the big apple bloatware version. also your gpu is too weak to run anything and you might be getting bottleneck on your drive since your running single drive

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