videowall and circles

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videowall and circles

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hi all!
i really like the videowall effect in resolume, but if it would have a few more paremeters it would be even greater.
when setting the subscreenmode between 0.6 and 1 you can see a different part of the image on every subscreen - it would be cool to have the possibility to let them jump around, you'd just need one "speed"-controller (at the moment i have no idea what this could affect when you're in another subscreenmode, but maybe it doesn't have to). i hope you understand what i mean, but we were talking about this recently at an event and i think it would look really nice to have the parts of the image jumping around between the subscreens with the beat.

often i'd like to adjust the width of the screens of the videowall-effect. this is especially important when you have really wide compositions and the subscreens always have the same ratio like the clip/layer/composition, it's hardly possible to get e.g. some tv-style 4:3-subscreens.

the same thing is for the circle-effect, here i'd love the possibility to have a real circle and not an egg, even if the clip/layer/comp is not square. maybe i'd use this effect more often if i could do so...

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