interface brightness

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interface brightness

Post by coz3r »

I know that you want to keep a specific look for the interface but is it a possibility to change the brightness of it like you can in after effects? I do a ton of outdoor day work and hunting for the bar in the scroll cuts into a large enough portion of my day that I figured i would at least ask for it. If nothing else can you make the scrollbar a brighter color?:) I have a decently bright monitor and I try to get as much shade as possible but all too often the sun wins.

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Re: interface brightness

Post by ReggieUnderground »

Been there too. Serato is a good example of bright/dark settings for the interface.

In the past I've used a mouse locator so at least the cursor is easier to find. You could also try using the new 'Scroll to Clip' feature to bounce around within Decks.

Another way is click-and-hold in the scrollbar area and scroll til you find your spot. If you know the content well it doesn't take long.

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Re: interface brightness

Post by Joris »

Yeah, on a sunny festival day, I find myself having to press my nose against the screen to see some details as well.

A high contrast mode would be a good solution. I'll see if I can get Bart excited about this.

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Re: interface brightness

Post by Oaktown »

In the meantime, on a mac you can use the accessibility menu, invert the screen colors and/or magnify your cursor to the max size.
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Of course that inverts your clips on your main screen but if you know your set that shouldn't be a problem. Other outputs are not affected. I haven't tried that on Windows but I'm sure there is a similar mode.

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