Text Block Features

"Where is Feature X? I need Feature X! How can you not have Feature X?"
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Text Block Features

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Hey guys,
i like the new Text Block and Text Animation Source.
As a Graphic Designer I must say it's still very limited and I still need to use PNGs to display text. Here is a list of some basic features within the tool that would make it a bomb:

- List Fonts that are activated by Font-Library-Tools like "Suitcase Fusion" (on Win10 it only uses Fonts that are in the system folder, don't know how it is on MAC)
- Spacing Y till minus 100% / or better make it by input pixels.
- Different Font Styles and Sizes inbetween one Text Block
- Alignment also Y for Up, Center and Bottom


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Re: Text Block Features

Post by francoe »

About spacing Y, I was asking myself the same, why not more negative values?
Solve it decreasing the font size to get the right leading, and then scale it.
Isn't the usual way to adjust leading, but works. :)

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