"Clear" option for dashboard knobs

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"Clear" option for dashboard knobs

Post by beatfix »

I brought this idea up in a different thread a while back - I think it's worth its own topic to see if anyone else will rally behind it.

Currently, once a parameter is assigned to a dashboard knob, the only way to clear the dashboard knob is to go to the parameter and deselect it there. This often involves having to unfold the UI and dig around to find the assigned parameter. If you assign more than one parameter to the same knob, you have to find and unset each parameter individually.

I'd love it if there were a way to clear assigned parameters from the dashboard itself. For example, by selecting the knob with a mouse-click and then hitting the Delete key, or perhaps by using Shift+click to show a "clear" option.

This would make it much easier to change dashboard assignments on the fly, and would prevent the unfortunate situation where you can't remember exactly which parameter(s) are assigned to a knob, and have to go hunting for them.

If you think this feature would improve your workflow, don't be shy about jumping in ;)

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Re: "Clear" option for dashboard knobs

Post by Grimm90 »

+1 here , and to be able to color code them too , and or drag their order pls ..

Also i wouldn't mind a "master dashboard" , a place where u have rotary to send dashboard links from all over your comp to

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