Time-in / Time-out

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Met Resolume in a bar the other day
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Time-in / Time-out

Post by Lele »

Hi to you all, I would like to get an independently recordable time-in and time-our on each clip and not just a time (1”<->10”) for each layer... Thanks 🙏🏼

Met Resolume in a bar the other day
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Re: Time-in / Time-out

Post by xuazak »

That would actually be so great, ie in theater shows to follow lights transitions !

By the way, while adding separate in and out timings, it would be nice to augment the range a bit. In theater configurations, it could be usefull to have a 30s transition !
And, very important for something still missing with transitions : that the clip being faded out goes on playing while fading out. FOr now, when you launch a new clip with a transition, the old clip pauses, which is so ugly !

For now, since several years now, I cheat there with an external OSC sequencer (often made with Max/MSP) which sets layer Transition time just after launching the previous clip... But it's really tricky !

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