DMX Fixture enhancements

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DMX Fixture enhancements

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With new LED Fixtures having more colors than just RGB or RGBA there is a need to make DMX Fixtures with dummy channels between Pixel Block info.

For instance:
An Elation Sixbar 1000 IP has RGBWA+UV.

In Resolume I can select RGBWA for my pixels info but I don't want or need the UV info to come from Resolume, nor do I want resolume to spit R data for Pixel #2 into the UV Channel for Pixel #1.

The only solution at this point is to make a single Pixel with RGBWA and a dummy channel and then patching each pixel of my 12 pixel bar individually and position them individually.

Ideally I'd like to be able to add multiple Pixel blocks in the Fixture Editor or to Manually set the DMX adress of each Pixel in a Pixel-block.

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