video Router or link

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video Router or link

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view a group or layer, which is not playing.

video Router is amazing and powerfull, it show the layers below, layers or groups. But it only shows the active source, which is playing on the composition.

What I would like to have is a video Router or kind of video link, which shows the clip or group like in the preview, but as a source. That means "connect" this new video link and it shows the layers below, layers or goups in the same column if they are playing ("connected") or not. really same like select and you see it on the preview, but you see it in this new video link.

With this way you could display or preview the next clip and especially the group or layers below (full column if you place it on the highest layer). Until now, there is no solution of previewing a column or group or creat a link to a clip or file

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