Building a Resolume Controller

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Building a Resolume Controller

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Hey guys!

I'm working on building a controller for various effects in Resolume and was wondering if you guys had any suggestions or experience in doing this yourselves. I'm currently using TouchOSC with my iPad and am getting good results, but I love the physicality of smacking buttons and adjusting faders, knobs, etc...

I've messed with programs like JoyToKey which is pretty basic but easy to use to attribute different functions to various input devices. I've been reading a lot about utilizing Arduino boards for this purpose as well. There's a lot of info out there and while I'm working on compiling what seems to be the most useful or pertinent to my uses, I was hoping to see what some of you may have done to create boards of your own!

I've searched through the forum and haven't found much but maybe I'm not using the right keywords. So if you've built your own board or even used some pre-made board in a fun and funky way, let's see it! :D

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