New rig...

Bro, does your rig even lift?
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Re: New rig...

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Very impressive indeed!

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Re: New rig...

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bart wrote:12060*1980!?
Very impressive indeed!
I have a show later this year that's going to have an overall image size of 26,880 x 1080 (14x 1920x1080) pixels

roughly a 350' wide panoramic projection...making the content is a pain in the ass! haha

good to know I'll be able to do it off the 680s, as my servers will be sitting with a pair a piece (4 gig version), each server handling a different 'side' of the projection with control monitors for each server, so add another 3840x1080 pixels being pushed out of the servers :)

nice rig!
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Re: New rig...

Post by produktionshuset »

Image Content testing a few days before the actual event.

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Re: New rig...

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produktionshuset wrote:What part of running at 50 fps dont you understand?
It ran it smooth with no jittering nor slowdowns
Because till now...It's not possible to playback video without jittering ;) Read the forum 8-) .....but it will be possible in near future

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