multiple outputs question

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multiple outputs question

Post by bloodyjo »

Hi all,
I understood that Resolume uses only 1 GPU to process the project.
So If I have one GTX 780 as main graphic card (UI) i can use the 3 others outputs as video outs.
Now if i want to add outputs, i don't need to buy a second gtx 780, i can put let say a gtx 750 as 2nd card to use it's outputs the result will be the same in terms of performance .

Thanks for an advice on this point as i read trough the forum this point isn't clear for me.

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Re: multiple outputs question

Post by Oaktown »

There are many posts on this forum about Resolume and multi GPU but long story short, it's not recommended!

To get 5 outputs, I'd use the Zotac DisplayPort to Dual HDCP HDMI Adapter ( ... aptor.html) to split the DP into two 1920x1080 ouputs. Keep in mind that this is a cheap solution so ...

To get 6 outputs, I'd use a Matrox Double or Triple head before using another GPU. On the GTX 780 you could probably run 3 screens at 1920x1080 (5760x1080) no problems.

To get 7 outputs, if you have the means, you could get one Datapath X4 ( ... atapath-x4) and split a 4K signals (3840x2160) into four 1920x1080 monitors.

To get 10 outputs, you should actually be able to run two Datapath X4 on the GTX 780 so technically you could have 10 displays (DP, HDMI and 2 DVI split into 4 each) but.....

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Re: multiple outputs question

Post by dirtyjohn_lv »

The general rule before was if you run multiple cards try to make sure they are the same make/model. I run several servers will dual GTX 780s with 0 issues. 2 of these generally run 5 screens + 1 control monitor

Even ran the benchmark on 1 for 24 hours and it held steady at 38fps/127F(52C) with the noise video (with only 2 outputs+control monitor).

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