5120x720 Hallway Projection

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5120x720 Hallway Projection

Post by e3pro » Wed Apr 13, 2016 04:34

Hey Guys,

Just after some advice or notes if I've missed anything on an upcoming project.

Hallway projection project for entrance to a nightclub. Hallway is 20m long x 3m wide, unsure if I need to do the whole lot, I was planning to do 4 ultrashort throw projectors per wall (0.36:1 throw ratio, 1.5m throw) which would cover a 16m section, could obviously go to 20m with an extra proj on each wall. All projectors mounted in the centre recessed in the ceiling with a perspex cover for protection from punters.

I havent had a chance to edge blend in Resolume 5 yet, but would it be best to do it at projector as well or have resolume manage the whole lot. I haven't done blends on ultra short throws before.

Signal Distribution. Ideally I can keep it to 4 projectors per (wxga res) wall so its a total of two 4k (max) outputs going to 2x datapath X4's for distribution.

Composition size will be 5120x1440 and clip sizes will be 5120x720. Each wall can then run independently.
Composition will only have 2 layers (1 for each wall). All clips will be DXV3 encoded. layers will run on autopilot, no operator

Will a GTX960 do it or should I go up to a 970. Ive got a 980ti in main room of the club and it hasn't batted an eyelid, but sadly budget wont allow one.

Machine will be solid state drives and i7 quad core.

Cheers for any input.

E3 Productions

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