new arena server

Bro, does your rig even lift?
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new arena server

Post by brin831 »

Guys i've got a few machines around and looking at putting together 2 arena servers.

specs of the machines are:

windows 8.1 pro
8 core i7 3.5
12 g ram
120g ssd drives for os

1. do i run win 8.1? or 10 ?
2. are 3 500 ssd drives in raid good choice for media?
3. what performance can i expect from gtx970 ?
4. ram is a no brainier mb is capable of 32 so i'll do that.

I ask about storage and video cards bc i already have this specific system built and those seem like two areas people look to upgrade first on the forums.

looking at adding in decklink duo for 2 - 4 x sdi outs ... motherboard is capable of 1 16 and 2 8 pci

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Re: new arena server

Post by Arvol »

How much are you wanting to invest?
How many simultaneous layers of 1080p do you plan to use?
How many outputs do you need?
and how many inputs do you need?

Have you checked out the razer blades? for the price and mobility, I'm sold.

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Re: new arena server

Post by Zoltán »

2. 3 500GB ssd drives in a raid 0 is a bad idea, only use that if you can afford to lose all the data on them, in raid 5 is a better idea, if one drive fails the data is still there.
3. quite good, have you checked the benchmark thread? viewtopic.php?f=11&t=11093
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