AKAI MK2 knob strange behaviour

Bro, does your rig even lift?
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AKAI MK2 knob strange behaviour

Post by Kadete »

Anyone had this problem? How i solve this? :?:
(no software opened, just usb)
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Re: AKAI MK2 knob strange behaviour

Post by Daniel »

I would say that something is still something is influencing it. I suggest you contact AKAI, they seem to have good and quick support.

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Re: AKAI MK2 knob strange behaviour

Post by Zoltán »

Looks like the encoder is faulty. If you are still in warranty, then you should RMA it.
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Re: AKAI MK2 knob strange behaviour

Post by francoe »

What about the other encoders behaviour? I ask because on my own one, if no software is running lights just stay still while you rotate the knob. Lights start moving when is software running. Can you check out that?
(I wish to don't have the faulty one :mrgreen: )

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