Several gfx cards - problem?

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Several gfx cards - problem?

Post by karamasov »

I have a Win10 server with 1 Quadro M4000 and one GTX750Ti.
Monitor is on GTX750 and outputs are on Quadro.
Performance is abysmal, 15fps on videos (DXV3 1920x1200)

Can the dual cards be a problem?

Is there something I can do to config the Quadro card to work better?

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Re: Several gfx cards - problem?

Post by Zoltán »

karamasov wrote:
Wed Nov 07, 2018 12:04
Can the dual cards be a problem?
Try running as much of the outputs from your renderer card as you can.
Looks like the Quardo is the more powerful card so try to use that as the main windows display and make sure Resolume is assigned to use it in the nvidia 3D settings.
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Re: Several gfx cards - problem?

Post by Oaktown »

Make sure you run your UI on the Quadro.

Also what's your motherboard/CPU and how are your GPUs installed (which PCIe slots)?

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