EIKI LC-XT1 Theater Projector

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EIKI LC-XT1 Theater Projector

Post by Thumper » Wed Jan 16, 2019 09:24

Hello everyone, I’m new to both this forum and Video Mapping, I’m sure to have lots of questions in the future but first forgive me if this isn’t on the right topic and please advise me if I need to move it and I’ll gladly do it quickly. My first question is that I acquired two of these big old beast Video projectors, EIKI LC-XT1 Theatre Projectors, I know very little about them other than that they are 5000 Lumens, and the maximum projection width is 50’ I know that there are at least 3 lens options but I don’t know what lenses these machines have, They came with a set of factory OEM replacement bulbs. My question is what can I do with these machines as far as projection projects ? Could I use one or stack both to project onto buildings (providing its dark enough) ? Has or does anyone have experience with these ? Can I upgrade these machines ? Use more powerful bulbs ? Our intention is purely experimental for our own entertainment value or at least that’s our hope. Thanks in advance for any information on these machines and or ideas on how we might use them in mapping/3D/Othrer etc. again Thanks and I look forward to sharing our experiences as we learn and grow.

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Re: EIKI LC-XT1 Theater Projector

Post by He2neg » Wed Jan 16, 2019 11:25

Sure you can use them, till they brake apart ;)

You cant "upgrade" projectors with differnet bulbs. They are made as they are used, with more runtime they will get darker and at some point it make sense to get some new bulbs. Also its usefull to have a set of new bulbs in the storage to be quick if something happens.

The colors also will get worse with the time (dirt on the LCD Panels) this can be taken care of with cleaning the optic system. I advice to leave this cleaning to profesionall service tech ppl.
Also the colors can be out of convergence (these eiki are using 3 LCD Panels to get all the colors so when these arent lined up perfekt you may see something strange color behaviour)
https://www.rebeam-shop.com/en/ is one adress to clean the system and get them into good condition again.

First do some testing. Set them up and view some testcards and different gray pattern to see if they are okay or if they are in a bad condition.
  • White Picture to see the maximum brightness you can get
    Gray steps for contrast
    Color Bars for color
    Small White Lines for convergence

Thes machines have a max resolution of 1024x768 pxl. (4/3 Ratio) when you blend them you can have some more in H or V direction.
Also its possible to Stack them to have more brightness in total.

There are many lenses for this typ of projector ( 0.8 - 8 Ratio i think) and these are available quite cheap because the lenses mostly life longer then the projectors ;)

to play around and get into the world of projecting and mapping these are not so bad as someone may want to tell you.
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Re: EIKI LC-XT1 Theater Projector

Post by im_borealis » Wed Sep 18, 2019 21:26

I do a lot of visuals and projection mapping shows with EIKIs of that generation. They are pretty decent. Two of them stacked let me project clear, visible images even on red brick.
But good luck finding replacement lamps.

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