dell xps1530 laptop

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dell xps1530 laptop

Post by hiten »

I am purchasing new laptop by dell xps 1530. 8600gt gfx card n windows vista home, 4 gb ram will some1 pls tell me whether this is good config for both 2.41 & 3

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Re: dell xps1530 laptop

Post by VJair »

it should be good enough to run both Resolume 2 and 3, but as it is an 8xxx series nvidia card, you get the overscan issues. the modern nvidia cards are not able to overscan whichmeans you get a black border around the edge of the screen on your second output.

the way round this is to buy a scanconvertor as well and use the vga output of the laptop to output your second screen. or get a machine with an ati graphics card in instead.

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