Build a beast for resolume , use xeon or i7 ?

Bro, does your rig even lift?
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Build a beast for resolume , use xeon or i7 ?

Post by motion.fb »


Im planning to build a new beast computer for hd vjiing or multi screen running on win7.

My principal worry is the processor. Im wondering if reslume 3 has been programmed to use full potential
of a dual xeon multiprocessor..? Should I use the fastest ; i7 processor or two slowest;
xeon for about the same price ?

Im planning to put two graphic cards (that I already have) : sapphire HD 4650 1GB HM DDR2 PCI-E HDMI
for the interface display and a : sapphire HD 4770 512MB GDDR5 PCI-E DUAL DVI-I/TVO for
dual output for resolume.

My question about that is it better to use two identical video cards ?
Is the 4650 will slow down my 4770 ?

For the hard drive part, i read in some previous post in the forum that using solid state drive gives a big difference for R3 performance. So I decide to be all solid state; for the os and resolume drive i will use a patriot Torqx 64GB and for the medias i will use two patriot Torqx 128GB in raid with esata in the enclosure Patriot Convoy XL ( ... 37&type=19
The Patriot Convoy XL looks promising for vj or I'll wait a bit for an even better solution for the medias drive : photofast G-Monster-PROMISE PCIe SSD 256GB or two ioxtreme and use my old g-sata for the moment

Im planning to put 6 gig of ram but i know how resolume loves ram.
12 gig would make a big performance difference ?

Im also planning to put one of my black magic intensity to get full HD input.
Did someone successfully used it in r3? On my mac pro (tower) its seems not working...

I will use a rackmount case to be able to put in a roadcase I already have.

I think this beast will be fantastic!

I'll start building it next week.
Hope to get your advices, it would be more than welcomed!


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Re: Build a beast for resolume , use xeon or i7 ?

Post by pleasuretek »

your going to want one of these.... ... x&cPath=39 pop that guy in and you have a resolution independent HD video mixer box. windows only (wdm drivers =) and probably linux, cause you seem like a roll your own kind of guy.

I mean if got that loot to build a machine to bring into the dust.. I would get the i7 though as it finally has the memory controller on die like AMD, which makes me like intel again.. Which is a rather large increase in mem-2-cpu speed which we vj's need a lot of.

That thing could mix and map ridiculous amounts of layers of 1080p, and if the cards aren't crossfire you could have 4 monitors out (I think, I konw SLI for nvidia is like this.), you can always have one card handle physics and output while other card runs render chain and output.

I would invest in the laptop I posted a minute ago here: as it is more portable, yet no PCI capture card capability (or RAID config).

and yes, i have issues with technolust too.
Asus build - intel 2.8GHz T9600, 4GB 800Mhz DDR2, ATI 4670
Rack unit - intel 2.7GHz q6600, 8GB 1066Mhz DDR2, 9800GTX+, intensity HDMI input card

Met Resolume in a bar the other day
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Re: Build a beast for resolume , use xeon or i7 ?

Post by motion.fb »

I order it last week

The Final specs are

motherboard: ASUS P6T6 WS REVO X58
ram: Corsair TripleX 6.0 GB Kit - 3 x 2.0 GB DDR3-1333 CL9
Intel Core i7 Quad 950 3.06GHz
System drive: 1x OCZ Technology Vertex Series 60GB SSD
Media drive: 2x OCZ Technology Vertex Series 120GB SSD in raid
case: Antec 4U Rackmount Neo 650W

I will not use the enclosure Patriot Convoy XL. only one data 3g connection, That not
enough fast for my two Vertex Series 120GB SSD in raid
So i still looking for a perfect external enclosure

I will use my old radeon 4650 and 4770. I will replace them when the radeon 5870
price drop.

Pleasurtek: I looking for similar products of ems from epiphan this summer for a project.
For the moment i dont need a rgb capture card. I need only to get hdmi or HDsdi in.

For your laptop sugestion, this would be the next remplacement in a next of month. For
the moment i need something whit extreme multi screen performance and heavy construction
for touring.

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