str8 PWNSause();

Bro, does your rig even lift?
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str8 PWNSause();

Post by pleasuretek » ... figure=yes

I am so gonna manifest that into my reality. soon my little pretty =)..
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Re: str8 PWNSause();

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tx for posting ... it wud be great to see what other hardware people are running. The options in the uk are limited in terms of real customisation and I am considering my options - was about to go with a DELL m4400 ... 1&ref=lthp cos I get more for my money than a Mac and more flexibility if something goes wrong. Macs are slowly becoming fortresses you cannot get into - you cannot even change the battery yourself if something goes wrong with it. What is that all about ... ?

Wow these Sagers look good - what about UK availability ... I am investigating - cos I want some serious portable power also in a machine that is lightweight and asthetically pleasing... at the right price. Tx again.

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Re: str8 PWNSause();

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I think costumization, price and service are needed with laptops because they are hard to upgrade, if at all.
So heres some of my experience with dell.

not trying to give dell too much advertising here, but they have excellent costumer service, which sometimes really saves your ass.

On the other hand its a shame that i even had issues with my dell xps m1530 but as we all know these things happen at apple just as much (overheating/exploding batts etc)

I was in Ireland visiting family (i bouth the laptop in ger) and one ram stick died. Called the service, ran a few diagnose tools, withing the next day i had a new ram stick.

Later my Batterie died, i couldnt recharge it anymore and my HDD was pretty loud. These are the parts of the laptop that are known and labled as parts that get used up fast especially if treated wrong, so the varenty on those is just one year, sometimes less. Anyway in my case i had luck and they replaced those parts, maybe becuz i pointed out that the gfx cards heatpipe might be not installed correct and caused this by overheating...

sooo ;) A lot of issues for one laptop, but dell handled everything and i didnt pay a cent - replacements batts are 150€ ... maybe apple & others are just as good, but due to discounts i saved alot of money.. soo yeaaaa for dell ;)

Oh yes and the performence is good to, cant say to much about the fps though - still using a shitty 5400rpm drive, didnt think straight at that time. :O
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