Strange portability problem with respect to codecs

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Post by Blake_ »

I've been doing all my video capturing and converting on a Gateway Solo 9300.
I've been using Intel Indeo 5.x with bitrate set at 50 kbps, every frame as keyframe.
I wwas having no trouble playing them back
on my ols 350 Mhz Gateway desktop to see how they look, but suddenly they won't display. I haven't bought the Resolume yet, but I have 20 days left on my trial period and am waiting for 1.1.
I haven't installed any new software, so I'm wondering what the problem might be.
Has anyone run into a problem like this???


Post by ether_ »

probably a silly question, but have you installed the indeo 5.1 codec on your other machine?? (it's not native to windows)


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Post by edwin »

i tried the indeo 5.1 codec as well and indeed it seems to work pretty well and the quality is very good.. nowadays indeo is called ligos.. so the codec will be listed (if instaled) in the compressor list as Ligos Indeo Video 5.11.
I believe it's not a standard codec wich comes with windows but you can download this codec for free on the indeo website.

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