Wireless card on MSI B350M

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Wireless card on MSI B350M

Post by harrykane140693 »

I have a CyberpowerPC Ryzen system that uses an MSI B350M Bazooka board along with a ASUS 1060 gb graphics card.

In moving the PC to another room in the house I wanted to see about adding a wireless card to the system but looking at the motherboard and the graphics card it looks like one of the PCI-E connectors is blocked by the graphics card and the second one is pretty close to being blocked. Even if a small wireless card could plug in, one of the fans would be blocked.

How would the build end up if I had originally requested wifi connectivity? What should I use to get wireless now? USB? I never see the fans running on the card so maybe plugging in the wifi card would not harm anything.

Looking for ideas.


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Re: Wireless card on MSI B350M

Post by Oaktown »

A USB WiFi adapter seems like the way to go!

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Re: Wireless card on MSI B350M

Post by Shamai »

be careful with usb wifi
some tend to overheat when left plugged in for long periods of time

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