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screen issue

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Why should we install Snaptube - one of the best video downloaders of all time

If you like watching videos to entertain yourself in your free time, Snaptube is the perfect choice for you. Snaptube is one of the most popular video downloaders that allows you to download videos easily for offline viewing. This is especially useful in case your device cannot connect to the Internet. To make things even better, SnapTube also supports downloading videos from various sources like Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, etc., that makes it become a must-have app for anyone who loves to get all their entertainment from interesting movies and videos. If this is your first time using Snaptube, keep reading our article to get an overview of this app. Download Snaptube apk at to your Android device and enjoy!

Outstanding features of Snaptube

Snaptube is undoubtedly one of the most excellent video downloaders for Android that is offered completely for free. This app gives users a range of useful features with a friendly interface, high security, and no ads - the most important and necessary qualities that users expect from a video downloader. And now, let's find out some of the advantages and outstanding features of this app to understand why it is favored by so many users.

First, the app allows you to download any video you want completely free. Downloading and installing APK Snaptube on your device is free and the app also does not have any in-app purchases. One of the features of Snaptube that users enjoy the most is the ability to customize the quality of downloaded videos. Before downloading a video, the app will give you some options for the resolution of the video (from 144p to 1600p) and then you can choose the best one to match your internet speed and demand.

Second, this app is very safe. The downloaded videos do not have any malware, viruses or any other attached illegal software. This means that you can use Snaptube as much as you like on any device without having to worry about the consequences of using the app. Besides, in the technology world with many scams like now, where nothing is private, and all information can be stolen, security and safety are very necessary and important. Fortunately, this app is completely safe as mentioned above, so you can freely use it without worrying about data theft or data security.

Third, Snaptube is integrated with an advanced fast-loading technology that makes it a great companion on the internet. Once you download this app to your device, you can download any desired video from Youtube or other sources only within a blink of an eye.

Fourth, in addition to the ability to download videos from YouTube and other websites, Snaptube allows you to download audio files. That means you can also log in to your favorite music sites like Spotify or Soundcloud and then use the app to download your favorite songs. Also, you can choose to download a video as an audio file that allows you to easily create music playlists and save the memory space for your device.

The final advantage of this app that we want to mention is the built-in custom search options. When you want to search for something, the search will index previous lists with thumbnails to make your next searches easier.

How to download and install Snaptube on your Android device


You must know that SnapTube is not available in the Google Play Store so you can only install this app by downloading its APK file from the third app stores. You can access some reliable APK stores for Android like top1apk, Apkpure or Apkmirror to find some SnapTube Apk versions and download them to your device. When you have found the respective apk file of this app, just click the download button to download and then wait a few seconds for the download process to complete. Now, go to Settings> Security> Unknown sources to allow your device to install this app. Then, search for Snaptube’s APK file and select “Install” to start installing this app. Finally, SnapTube app has been successfully installed on your Android device without any trouble.

If you are looking for the best video downloader for Android, Snaptube at is an ideal choice.

Some Snaptube FAQs

Q: Is Snaptube free?

Snaptube is offered completely free with no in-app purchases

Q: Can we use Snaptube on iPhone?

Snaptube is currently only available for Android.

Q: Why is Snaptube not available on the Google Play Store? Is this app safe?

Snaptube is not available on the Google Play Store because of some policies of Google Play that do not allow Snaptube to download videos from Youtube and other websites. However, this app is very safe; you can use this app without having to worry about virus and malware.

Q: How can we download a video?

When you want to download a video, tap the “Download” button at the bottom right, select the resolution, then the download will begin.


Q: How can we search for videos?

You can search for any desired video by using the search bar or navigating to the YouTube and find.

Q: How to filter search results?

You can see the Duration and All Time options at the bottom of the results page, and then you can filter the results by the length and uploaded date of the video.

Q: How to update Snaptube?

When a new version is available, you will receive a message asking you to update. Agree to update. If the update does not work, you can visit the official website of Snaptube to download the latest version and install it. 

Q: Is Snaptube legal?

You can only use Snaptube for personal purposes, any violation will lead to service terminals. Please use Snaptube according to the laws of your country.

With many outstanding features and free of charge, if you love watching videos, there is no reason why you do not install this app on your device. Did you find our article useful? If yes, feel free to share with your friends. Installing Snaptube on your device and it will Help you downloading videos from Whatsapp, Facebook easier than ever! And now, visit our APK store to download this app and enjoy!
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Re: screen issue

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Change the resolution settings in your game

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