Move column

"Where is Feature X? I need Feature X! How can you not have Feature X?"
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Move column

Post by hive8 »

Add feature to move a column
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Re: Move column

Post by Arvol »

Click name of the bottom layers clip in said column, Shift+Click top clips name of said column, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+P on bottom layer empty cell of target column, Done (maybe 3 seconds)
Yay for old features ;)

You can also insert a blank column by right clicking the column and clicking "insert" before or after.

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Re: Move column

Post by bart »

hive8 wrote: Wed Dec 18, 2019 11:13 Add feature to move a column

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Re: Move column

Post by Oaktown »

+1 with the ability to drag and drop similar to layers. It would also be amazing to be able to select multiple columns.

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