Mac m1 max and outputs / usb-c

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Mac m1 max and outputs / usb-c

Post by Grimm90 »

Hi ,

I got a Macbook pro m1 max, 16" 2021 , 64gb ram running Sonoma 14.4.
It's my first mac machine to use for live performances.
I needed a good laptop for my dayjob and being a lot on th road and using many creative tools + if you got an iphone and ipad and all it just works really nicely together, so that's what i got.

I still got my windows machines to the side, but i'm struggling a bit to get this m1 laptop in good shape for live resolume shows.

Last weekend i was outputting to 2x identical 1920*1200px projectors and 1x 1080p.
I'm using the build in HDMI port, one usb-c adapter from mac (to hdmi/usbA/usbC) , one other usb-c adapter with hdmi out, displayport out, usb c, and 3x usb a 3.0
I also got a couple of usb-c- > hdmi adapters , rated 4k60 from delock and some other random brands adapters.

One of these WUXGA projectors was always showing a green / magenta tint.
I tried switching outputs around and adapters but couldn't really identify the issue, but when i used the projector as a 1080p projector , the colors were fine. These are brand new hdmi 2.1 cables , 20m active fiber. advertised as able to do 4k60.. I dont think its the cable , as both WUXGA projectors were running the same cable from the same delivery box at the same settings.
I tried fooling around with all sorts of color space settings for that display too but no success, tried the projector profile etc.

Other issue i'm having is the amount of video outputs i need, USB-C ports i need and midi controllers i want to all hook up on this machine with 3x thunderbolt 4 usb-c ports..
Ideally i have =
3x hdmi out (each 4k ?)
2x T7 SSD connected for content delivery live in resolume
2x Midi controllers , possibly more :D But i guess an akai midi mix or apc mk2 doesn't take much bandwith ?
1x Zoom24 or other usb audio card with 2x xlr in to usb stereo input for audio analysis.
1x Ethernet connection for NDI , Ideally a second ethernet adapter for a pioneer / showkontrol network..

Is this possible ? Anyone done similar setups ?
Can anyone point me in the right direction before i spend tons on new adapters that don't work ?

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Re: Mac m1 max and outputs / usb-c

Post by He2neg »

Magenta taint is a YUV vs RGB Colorspace problem for sure... I m not sure how to acces this settings on mac, somtimes this "closed" mac system is a pain.
I sometimes take the easy way and tell the display to use the other color space =)

Also i would suggest to only use solo tb 4 / usb-c to hdmi adapter and not some multi adapter (with usb A / network & hdmi at once)
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