Can't edit Graphic Card Video Settings

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Can't edit Graphic Card Video Settings

Post by rougeglotte »

I'm making the visuals for a party on Saturday. For 2 weeks I've been solving problem after problem (controller, software, RAM, file conversion, graphics card); I haven't had any time to create yet. A large part of the evening's promotion will revolve around my work. I won't be able to fulfill my commitment if I don't solve the technical problems tonight. I'm exhausted, so if anyone has any ideas for solutions, it would give me a lot of hope.

> PC GIGABYTE - NVIDIA RTX 3050 - 16Go RAM - INTEL CORE i5 12th generation
> CONTROLLER MPK mini plus
> (+ sound card + external SSD + korg nano kontrol)
|| SOFTWAREs : Touch Designer (<--> Resolume ::: Syphon Spout Out + spxlDummyParameters (FFGL plugin to control TD parameters via Resolume)) Resolume Arena (boucles vidéo DXV3 + Syphon Spout Out + effects)

Nature of problem:
> Frequent and sometimes severe lags on my DXV3 video loops in Resolume.

files on Resolume weight around 100Go, located on external SSD
-- hard stats :
50% to 75% RAM use
1% CPU used
15% VRAM

Possible solution:
> In the NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL, it's impossible to configure the video parameters of my graphics card (NVIDIA RTX 3050).
... but I've searched and searched and I can't find any info on the internet

--- The last action I did to try to solve the issue is doing the steps explained in this video :

Panjno - Graphic driver installation guide : ... x1vphKVl0I

≡ To sum up, I reinstalled the latest RTX 3050 driver using Dispay Driver Uninstaller.

Graphic driver’s version : 552.12

Issue screenshots:
NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL greys out video settings (same for physx settings).
NVIDIA Control Panel - Video settings
NVIDIA Control Panel - Video settings
NVIDIA Control Panel - Image settings
NVIDIA Control Panel - Image settings
NVIDIA Control Panel - 3D settings
NVIDIA Control Panel - 3D settings

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Re: Can't edit Graphic Card Video Settings

Post by Arvol »

I've seen a few low end PC's use RTX rendering cards, but all of the connections are routed through the intel chip, so even though the RTX card is rendering, the edid handshake comes from the underpowered GPU. This is not a solution I would ever advise using live. Most of the time you can't change the color range as well as a few other settings. There have been past issues with optimus getting in the way as well (has been stable for a few years now, but good practice is to never run anything through optimus).
I doubt you have the option, but check your bios to see if you can disable your intel GPU and only use the dedicated nVidia GPU. If you can, that will solve you issues but also kill your battery life (be sure to plug the power in).

I'd also advise to NOT run your show from an external drive, ever. Just asking for trouble. ;)

For now, install the Intel graphic control system and you can change a few more advanced settings (including your edid) from there. You can also change it from display options, then go to advanced at the bottom and then click "change mode" to change the OUTPUT resolution and not use windows UI scaling resolution.

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