4090 and On board Graphics?

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4090 and On board Graphics?

Post by scott.g »

Hi Guys
I have 2 Inquiries. Yes I'm a newbie!

1. Anyone using an Nvidia 4090,
how do you split this is out..
What is the max number of outputs if you split,
do you have any issues..

2. Is it possible to use all outputs from the Main GPU for displays, and use the onboard graphics card for the program monitor display?

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Re: 4090 and On board Graphics?

Post by Arvol »

1. Nvidia allows for 4 outputs per card.

2. Whatever GPU your Resolume UI window is on is the GPU it will be rendering on, so if you connect your Resolume UI to the onboard GPU, then your 4090 will not be used for rendering.

How many outputs at what resolution do you need? Are these outputs stitching together a single screen or are the outputs going to different locations or devices?

Met Resolume in a bar the other day
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Re: 4090 and On board Graphics?

Post by Luisgoinsane »

Actually Ive been doing some testing. And theres a way to use the rendering power of the glu and have the arenas window in another monitor thats not in the same gpu. I forced arena to use the main gpu via windows. Then on the envidia co trol panel I added arena and forced the cudas and open gl to use the gpu. So I had resolume opened in the integrated graphics monitor but using the dedicated gpu power

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