Create slow motion of live stream in Wire

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Create slow motion of live stream in Wire

Post by jobee »

Hello dear Resolumers,
I try to create a patch with Wire to create some effects of slow motion of a live stream captured by camera.
I think the best way is to use a Ring Buffer. Of course, the slow motion effect can't be "eternal" otherwise the Ring Buffer should have an endless size of frames.
But if I use a 240 frame buffer (that means 4 seconds, also I don't why the Buffer works with 60 fps and not 30...), I could make 2 seconds at 0,5 speed and 2 other seconds at 1,5 speed, and the live stream will follow this alternation of 2 seconds slow motion, 2 seconds high speed.
I try to make it by modifying the index of the buffer. I could double the time of a frame in the index. I guess if I have 60 fps, I could add a "-1" in the index every 1/30 of seconds. Also, that should make that every frame is rode 2 times. I tried to command an Add node with a metronome at 30 hertz. But I can't command an Add node in that way.
Am I close to the solution, or am I in a total wrong way :-)?
Hope you find my project sexy enough to give me advices ;-) !
Best regards


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Re: Create slow motion of live stream in Wire

Post by Zoltán »

The patch will run at composition fps, you can limit that in the composition settings. Probably the easiest with the existing buffers.

Signal type maths will run at patch/composition frame rate. If you'd create your own buffer (write-shift-delay-back to write) you could change the shift amount 0 vs 1 to set the framebuffer you want to write to.
0vs1 could be made with a counter -> mod 2, the counter could be triggered every render frame using a consistently changing signal like system time milliseconds, and Onchange.
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