Audio In from Capture Cards

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Re: Audio In from Capture Cards

Post by P-lab » Mon Aug 05, 2019 12:17

Yes, this EQ tip can be very useful.

A few explanation :
I use Resolume for video clip creation.
I record real time video mix (out of resolume) on the fly, for futur video rework/editing.
configuration : 2 PC, first running FLstudio or Ableton live, sending MIDI sync, MIDI notes (if needed) AND AUDIO to Resolume (on second PC), thru Aux Send tracks.

In this config, with multiple Aux Send output possibility, having only one FFT input available in Resolume is very frustrating.
In creation, the perception of a link between audio and video is way more interessant when at least 2 elements are triggered.

2 mono FFT input, pleaaaaaase, it would be great...
Merci beaucoup.
and sorry for my froggy english :-)


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