Effect clip chroma key and opacity

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Effect clip chroma key and opacity

Post by danklim »


I’m just starting to use effect clips to chroma key a layer below but am getting confused about how its making opacity function, Could you please help?

In the images below, my goal is to make the Logitech BRIO webcam clip/layer (that has me and the microphone on it) more transparent while keeping the background at the same opacity. When I adjust the opacity up or down on Layer 3, however, it only adjusts opacity of the layers below and shows the green screen. When I try adjusting the clip opacity, it all gets dark.

How can I use effect clips to apply chroma key but still be able to control the opacity of the layer that is being chroma keyed independently from the background transparency?

Thanks, Dan

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Re: Effect clip chroma key and opacity

Post by Zoltán »

Drop the chroma key effect to the layer you want to key before transform. This way it will only affect the given layer and not the whole combined texture as the effect clip does by default.
You can then fade or transform the layer as you would normally
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Re: Effect clip chroma key and opacity

Post by Oaktown »

You can also drop the effect directly on the clip or drop a clip on the effect clip instead of using an effect clip in a separate layer. Then you can save your settings so that you can recall the effect quickly.

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