DMX OSC MIDI controls of Advanced Output

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DMX OSC MIDI controls of Advanced Output

Post by ianscott1024 » Tue Feb 12, 2019 13:00

Hey All

Got a project coming up later in the year where I might have to use another media server but it would be great if my fav server software Arena could do it.

It would be awesome to use the DMX OSC and MIDI shortcuts to control parameters in the advanced output window such as Slice X Y and scale parameters (in both INPUT and OUTPUT transformations).

Probably needs a bit of a redesign on how advanced outputs and shortcut mappings are saved I'm guessing.

It would be handy for my niche project but what does everyone else think?


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Re: DMX OSC MIDI controls of Advanced Output

Post by PERCYJOSEPH » Wed Feb 13, 2019 08:08

Having control over the advanced output is definitely a great thing. A lot can be done with the slices and screens, We might mix a few layers to a screen and to do a fade out of that screen without effecting the other screens which uses the same layers will be possible if we get controls over the advanced output.

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Re: DMX OSC MIDI controls of Advanced Output

Post by Arvol » Wed Feb 13, 2019 16:23

There's really no reason to request this.
Everything you need can be controlled from within the main UI using Slice transform. Here's a great video that goes in depth on how to use it:

Further more, You can assign Layers, and Groups to specific slice in the advanced output, so your other screens won't go black when you kill that layer or group.
In regards to color correction or changes for each screen, again, just assign a layer or group and then ad a color FX to it.

Here's another great link to check out:

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