Desktop or Laptop?

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Desktop or Laptop?

Post by Nixzero » Thu May 16, 2019 23:49

I've played with others' Resolume setups and want a nice rig to work with on my own. Every setup I've seen has used a laptop, but I have some VR projects planned (namely Microdose VR) that may be too demanding for the laptops in my budget ($2000 for the computer and projector).

Is it practical to VJ using a desktop? If not, are there any laptops in the $1500 range that would be up to snuff? I don't mind buying used/refurbished.

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Re: Desktop or Laptop?

Post by cosmowe » Fri May 17, 2019 10:10

Hey Nixzero,
just booted up with a coffee and saw your post.
There are several refurbished and/or used highspec notebooks on ebay for 1500 and less.

Just search for Notebooks with a 1080ti. Keep one eye on the video outputs. you want as much as possible.
And the other eye on a present m2 ssd or the possibility to add one. That's it. ;)

Happy shopping

It can be practical to use a desktop if you would like to add pcie capture cards, more videocards for more outputs and so on.
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Re: Desktop or Laptop?

Post by Digitrevx » Fri May 17, 2019 18:55

If you are up for a hybrid that is mobile enough there are SFF desktops. It's a little more hassle then a laptop since you need to travel with a monitor. I use viewsonic 21" touch screens that fold to 1 inch thick.
I use this machine currently. More IO and usb controllers then a laptop. Weighs about 15lbs. I couldn't imagine flying on airplanes with anything much bigger.

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