Resolume Browser support shortcuts (.lnk files)

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Resolume Browser support shortcuts (.lnk files)

Post by DHoude » Sat Aug 03, 2019 16:07

My "master" Composition (all themes) is currently just too cluttered to work with and I am rebuilding that. I am trying to conceptualize a better workflow before taking this on. I know this sounds crazy, but I am trying a new approach to tame this with File folder organization. Having all my clips already in one huge Composition or even several Themed Compositions is just not reasonable now that I am at about 8000 clips. I can't even imagine 8 Themed compositions with 1000 clips each. Plus things won't distribute that evenly anyway. I am open to other workflow suggestions but here this one out first.

I was hoping to just organize my file folder structure better so that I can find certain themes of clips quickly. If I moved all the original clip folders into theme folders, then I break all of the links of my current shows. Yeah, Media Manager.. But not for moving this many clips. I also don't think I need to move all my files from their current folder structure just to achieve this. Plus some sets will apply to multiple themes. I don't have the space to duplicate.

I want to make Theme file folders (ie: Alpha/Effect Overlay, Countdown, etc). Then create shortcuts links in those Theme file folders to all the applicable folder sets. Then I can leave everything where it is (not break existing Compositions), but make it easier to find what a client might be looking for to build new Compositions.

Also I hope to have better visibility of my assets in the browser to make changes to a Composition for when I might not be fitting the show as well as originally planned. Like right after sound check/rehearsal & just before the show. Unfortunately I am not getting a set list or any shows plans before hand which is fine. I like the "take this direction and run with it" approach. I just want to be a little more Dynamic and ready for anything for when I only have an hour or 2 before show start.

I still pan to have multiple Themed Compositions ready to go. Which is ideal for most circumstances. But I am not sure I need everything prepped to that level. Thanks for reading!
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