Three Sets of Video Wall Setup

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Three Sets of Video Wall Setup

Post by IzzyR »

Hi - I am having trouble getting three different videos/images to be displayed on three sets of video walls ( setup test walls of 3x4, 4x3, and 1x4). My goal is to have a different image per video wall set at the same time. I’m currently using DVS LED video panels which are setup into three sets of walls, each are connected to a separate port on the NovaStar video processor via Ethernet. I have my three images going into three inputs in my Roland VR 4HD mixer which is connected to my laptop. My laptop is connected directly to the video processor. My Windows laptop is using Resolume software. My trouble is that I cannot get the three images from my Roland mixer (which I want to replace with a Blackmagic ATEM Extreme Mini ISO switch with two outputs) to show up on its own video wall set. I see the Roland VR in the Resolume source tab but I can’t see the three images. I can only see what’s the active image. How can I display different images from external sources like cameras, PowerPoint presentations, etc and control where they go on my video wall. I was trying to do this with slicing and mapping but still couldn’t get the Roland mixer videos into separate slices and shown at the same time on different video walls. How can I make this possible? Or, what equipment do I need to purchase to make this happen? I will be doing a video wall event where I will be separating my wall into three sets and I like to put the host on one wall and his PowerPoint in another wall and have an video on the third wall at the same time. Thanks for any help on this. Please let me know what else I need to purchase for this.


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Re: Three Sets of Video Wall Setup

Post by He2neg »

I cant tell you with 100% but if i understand you right:

- you need a preview of three physical outputs

Easy Solution (when you have enough space & bit budged):
--Use a screen inside the signal chain before the roland, and a hdmi splitter if needed.

Easy Solution (if you have the budged):
-- you also can use a 4k output and send it to a datapath and split the signal to three independet signals there.

I bet there is a internal solution with some (or all) of this features:

Slice Transform / Layer Router / Virtual Screen

I would need to do some testing as well and cant tell you exactly how to do it.

Please try to use some structure when type, its hard to read and understand if you dont have any taps
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