Support for St2110 NICs

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Support for St2110 NICs

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Hey there,

I was wondering if the St2110 outputs over a dedicated fiber NIC, i was specifically thinking about the matrox X.mio5 D25 ( ... /xmio5-d25)
, would work with resolume. Or perhaps if there are any plans in the future. The benefits seem astounding.

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Re: Support for St2110 NICs

Post by Arvol »

SMPTE 2110 is not feasible for most broadcast studio's let alone tours and festival setups. You need a 20Gbps NIC just to run a SINGLE 4K stream. The ONLY benefit I see from SMPTE 2110 is the ability to sync. NDI unofficially has plans for this in the future as well, with NDI HX3 you can run a single 4K stream at about 120Mbps with under 10ms from glass to glass. I know most broadcast studios in my region as well as anyone working with the NBA thinks SMPTE 2110 is absurd and a joke. Most of these studio just got 4K ready less than a decade ago and the red tape and budget approvals for that process was a pain in the @$$!

If (and I doubt it will) SMPTE 2110 becomes adopted by the industry, that might be the time to check back in on this request. IMO I don't see anyone moving to this standard anytime soon (if at all). It's just not reasonable for most enterprises let alone single users.
I taught a class on SMPTE 2110 last Nov. and most of the people in the class thought the standard was stupid, and these are high end SBT's. It would cost most studio's millions in infrastructure upgrades to work with these absurd bandwidth requirements. For festival and tour use, laptops are out of the question as you would blow through a TB4 port just to use this, and that takes away from actual output ports you would need to send to the screen, and no production rental house will have anything remotely close to ingesting a SMPTE 2110 stream.

Just my 2 cents.

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