Interface freeze M2 Ultra

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Interface freeze M2 Ultra

Post by dominika.sarhegyi »

Mac Studio 2023, Apple M2 Ultra, 192GB RAM
MacOS version: MacOS Sonoma 14.2
Software version:Resolume Arena 7.19.0

Additional elements of the setting:
Sonnet xMac Studio/ Echo III
Aja Kona 5 (through Thunderbolt - PCI with the Sonnet rack)

MIDI controllers:
Novation Launchcontrol XL MK2
Novation Launchpad X

Resolume Composition settings:
Size: 5184x2368 pixels
Number of frames: 50
Color depth: 16 bpc

Size and format of footages:
Total: 525 GB
Originally: ProRes 4444 with alpha, straight, 16-bit, trillion colors, 5184x2368 pixels
All converted with Resolume Alley: DXV3 Normal Quality with Alpha, No Audio
OBS camera source, 3840x1080 pixels

Resolume project file data:
30 decks (30 songs at the concert)
2-20 video files per deck
2 camera groups - a total of 22 pulled into clip locations due to layouts, but all 22 are the same one OBS Capture cropped in two, with different effect stacks

Inputs and outputs:
2 SDI camera signals from a Blackmagic mixer - captured with Aja Kona 5, this was included in a 3840x1080 OBS capture, which sent a signal via a virtual stream to resolume

Main display - connection via Mac Studio HDMI
LED walls - 4 HDMI, 2x4K, 2x1080p - Apple USB-C digital AV multiport adapter - HDMI - USB-C

Error description:
An interface freeze that is hard to define and cannot be linked to anything specific. The top menus (Composition, Deck, Group, etc.) can be opened, MIDI controller signals are detected, various layers can be faded, already played video continues to play without freezing, master fader works, Preferences can be opened. The Save command can be clicked, but unfortunately, the actual saving does not occur. During these occurrences, it is not possible to click on the next deck or clip, either with the mouse, keyboard shortcuts, or MIDI. Additionally, small gray squares appear in the corners of all empty Clip slots.

Happened to mouse clicks, MIDI steps, when I dragged a footage, when switching to the next deck (both with mouse and MIDI), and once right after opening Resolume.

Which in most cases is referred to in the log file when the error occurs:
[2024-03-08T00:01:26.789+01:00] INFO: Start detecting control
surfaces on Launch Control XL, starting with Feedback Detection
[2024-03-08T00:01:26.940+01:00] INFO: Failed to detect Feedback
Detection on port Launch Control XL
[2024-03-08T00:01:26.940+01:00] INFO: Now detecting Akai APC on
port Launch Control XL
[2024-03-08T00:01:27.052+01:00] INFO: MIDI port Launch Control XL
now has control surface NULL

Other oddities we ran into in connection with the project:
We ended up using OBS capture because the perfectly visible 4K or 1080p 50fps input signals in AJA Kona 5's own software became unstable after opening resolume, as if the signal had been disturbed. It looked like jumping between interlace-progressive images in resolume. After closing resolume, capture worked perfectly in AJA's own software as well as in OBS. Another interesting thing: in this case we could not define for the Video format that we want to request a 1080p 50hz signal in the Resolume, only auto-detect was available, which unfortunately recognized the format incorrectly. This was also a problem when we sent a signal from Blackmagic cameras via SDI, even if it was placed between the SDI-HDMI converter, SDI-HDMI decimator, and similar in the case of the Blackmagic video mixer.

With two Apple MacBook Pros, we once managed to send a 2x4K 50 signal in such a way that we could drop it into Resolume with AJA capture, but it did not recognized after exiting Resolume, only when we dropped it into a completely empty deck as a new source, so unfortunately it was not stable either.

Furthermore, we also sent a 50 fps signal from OBS, which Resolume recognized as 60 no matter what we did, but this not caused other problem.

Hardware and software troubleshooting solutions we've tried, but not helped:
We tried the following Resolume versions, the error also occurred with all of them: Resolume Arena, 7.18.2., 7.19.0, 7.17.3., 7.3.2. - for the day of the concert, 7.19.0., and since then we tried it with version 7.20.0, the problem also happens

- the problem first appeared during the office testing the day before the concert, then we first tried to give a real output instead of a virtual input to every device that was turned on as an output
- we tried the same with NDI output instead of physical output
- we also gave OBS capture real inputs so that it doesn't just run "empty"
- we removed all devices (AJA Kona 5, midi controllers, USB-C - HDMI converters, only the mouse, keyboard and monitor remained, we tried almost all combinations for these, e.g. only AJA Kona 5, only MIDI, etc.
- we tried to use only one or the other controller separately, after we noticed in the log file that it refers to Launch Control XL, however, after restarting the computer, there was also a freeze without connecting the controller, where a log file also referred to it
- we have 3 controllers of the same type, both older and newer versions, we tried all of them on the computer, the problem appeared with all of them
- MacOS Ventura 13.1 (Apple Macbook Pro M1 Max, 64 GB RAM), MacOS Sonoma 14.3 (Apple MacBook Pro M3 Max, 96 GB RAM), and MacOS Monterey 12.6.5. (Apple MacBook Pro M1, 16 GB RAM) we have already worked with these controllers on these operating systems and machines, Resolume 7.3.2. during and never caused such a problem before

- Novation driver installation, both MIDI controller firmware updated
- we removed OBS capture from all decks
- we tried to create a completely new file and then put the above-mentioned files and captures into it, the error still occurred
- we played the clips one by one to see if buffering is causing the problem
- we set the OBS capture clips to persistent, that didn't help either

Apparently, Audio Preferences - Audio Output Device - No Audio Output Device was the one that made the system the most stable, but unfortunately we had three freezes after that, but during the concert it was stable, at least the backup machine was not needed. Regardless, the problem is worrying, because there may will be cases when it becomes necessary to use some audio output or input, and even it didn't fix the error.

I welcome any ideas to solve the problem and thank you in advance.
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Met Resolume in a bar the other day
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Re: Interface freeze M2 Ultra

Post by dominika.sarhegyi »

We updated Resolume to 7.20.1 version, we updated drivers for AJA Kona 5 capture card and OBS is up to date as well. Connected an AKAI APC MK II, the exact same modell what Arena was looking for based on log file. After all of this, it still freezes out, the same way. One strange thing happened: Arena was looking for ArtNet when connected to internet. Once we disconnected the machine from the internet, than we got a different error code, going back to the same one not finding connect with akai midi.

When we tried without internet or any midi controller, than we got a new error log, linked down here as 'Resolume Arena log 2024_05.txt' in the zip file.

In addition, I am attaching the project file, the MIDI map XML, the output map XML, and the log files from 08.03.2024. (when we experienced it for the first time) and 09.03.2024. and the and today's log file as well.

So we still can not find a consistent reason behind this problem.
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