New rig help for LED screen

Bro, does your rig even lift?
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New rig help for LED screen

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We've recently changed to Resolume from Media Master and it's been great, but we are about to purchase a large led screen and will start running 4k graphics, which our current pc cannot handle at all, even dvx3 files. Oddly the benchtest resolume supplies I could get 8 noise channels on the 4k test, but with my graphics converted to dxv3 I struggle to get one over 30fps. So I want to make sure our new PC can blast out a few 4k layers.

We are building a new PC and I need to be able to output 4k50p to our led, as well as 1080p50 to our ATEM from the second output on the GPU.

My current build is this:

CPU: i9-12900kf 16 core (I've been told cpu isn't very stressed on resolume but we'll be using an NDI feed in or two which does use CPU power).
RAM: 64GB DDR4 3200MHz (DDR5 isn't much of a difference IMO and adds a lot of money)
Storage: 2TB M.2 Samsung 980 Pro
GPU: Nvidia 4080
Power Supply: 1000w
Case is a 4RU rack mount case so that's why I have a Noctua D9 cooler, limited by height.

Can Anyone see any potential bottlenecks with this? Should I go 128GB ram since we also use decks as motion graphic storage? We want to run up to five 4k graphics at once layered (DXV3 of course).

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